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Metaverse Investing Beginners Guide To Crypto Art, NFT’s, & Digital Assets in the Metaverse: The Future of Cryptocurreny, Digital Art, (Non Fungible Token) and Blockchain Gaming

Imagine your avatar strolling right into a digital wine store and speaking to an avatar wine professional to get some questions answered. You order the wine and have it shipped to your bodily handle.

Welcome to the metaverse, the intersection of our digital and bodily realities.

Is your model future-proof prepared for NFTs, the metaverse, and net 3.0?

In this column, we’ll speak about a number of phrases you’ll have to know, present alternatives for manufacturers within the metaverse, and the right way to get began.

You’ll discover suggestions, examples, and loads of sources alongside the best way that can assist you develop your individual metaverse advertising technique.


Relying on the supply, there are lots of definitions and opinions of the metaverse.

Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a virtual-reality house wherein customers can work together with a computer-generated setting and different customers.”

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned at Join 2021 that the metaverse is “a digital actuality assemble supposed to supplant the web, merge digital life with real-life and create limitless new playgrounds for everybody — you’re going to in a position to do nearly something you may think about.”


Proceed Studying Under


An NFT is a non-fungible token; an intangible digital asset within the type of photos, video, or gaming objects.

These digital belongings include certificates that present possession and are influencing the expansion of the metaverse.

NFTs are purchased and bought utilizing cryptocurrency akin to Bitcoin.

Web 3.0

Web3 or Web 3.0, the third generation of the Internet, is a decentralized version of the Internet eliminating the reliance on Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

It’s considered the next tech revolution as it combines machine learning with big data and is predicted to offer a personalized and private experience.

Recent reports predict the metaverse market will grow to over $1,544 billion in less than ten years.

This is a significant shift in the digital world that looks and feels reminiscent of the social media revolution back in 2007.

One catch to this tech growth spurt is that it’s happening much quicker and is far more intense.

If it feels like the wild, wild west for marketers, welcome to the new reality.

Prepare for new opportunities to immerse your brand into worlds where content creators rule, 3D is the norm, and life as marketers have known getting a meta makeover.

“The similarities between where social media was 17+ years ago and where we are now with the emerging metaverse is wild,” Lindsey McInerney, former Global Head of Technology & Innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev, noted in a LinkedIn comment.

How Are Brands Entering The Metaverse? 

It appears that VR and AR are the brand new digital advertising.

Brands are constructing Vstores or virtual showrooms designed to permit clients to take a tour, work together with an area or work together with 3D merchandise resembling vehicles, jewellery, or any digital asset.

Virtual try-on will allow clients to faucet into augmented actuality, attempt on glasses or make-up, and visualize furnishings and different merchandise of their properties.

Innovative entrepreneurs are takingfinances live shows, artwork festivals, and sporting occasions and transferring them into digital experiences.

Avatars want a trend .

Selling digital variations of merchandise in digital actuality is turning into a brand new income alternative.

Gucci, Nike, and Dior all provide digital items that permit personalizing and customizing avatars, whether or not purses, footwear, hats, or sun shades, as avatars now want a wardrobe change primarily based on occasions, seasons, and moods.

Going direct to the avatar (D2A) is the enterprise mannequin the place manufacturers are promoting on to digital identities.

Designing, creating, and promoting in a digital world means no transport or provide chain points. Individuals can discover identities with their digital self.

Brands hit play, recreation on. It’s meta branding.

Sponsoring occasions within the bodily world has confirmed ROI, and this conventional advertising observe is well transferred to the metaverse.

Adding extra creativity to the competitors is gamifying commerce.

For instance, Louis Vuitton created a video game to achieve a youthful viewers and gamified with branded NFT collectibles.

What’s An Easy Way To Get Started With NFTs?

Make a wallet (like MetaMask or Venly), transfer fiat currency (dollars) to Etherum or Hedera (crypto), and buy an NFT.

If you are an artist, the same is true, but you will also be able to ‘mint’ NFT’s on the blockchain. Beware of those pesky gas fees, though!

Different Types of Opportunities In The Metaverse

Female In The Metaverse

Similar to the gender gap in tech, women are the minority in metaverse marketing and NFTs. Over the last 21 months, female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT art sales.

A LinkedIn Talent Insights Analysis found that at a recent NFT conference, only 18% of speakers and 30% of sponsors were women.

There are women doing cool things in the space, though. Last week, Mexican-based female artist FerBoccart launched her Serious and Cool People NFT collection using a social giveaway promotion and pre-sale selling out in one day.

One female artist cracked the NFT code this year. Yam Karkai launched the non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles mega-hit, World of Women, in July 2021.

It was a collection of 10,000 unique, visually representing robust and diverse Women NFTs worth more than $51 million.

With support from Reese Witherspoon and Gary Vaynerchuk, World of Women put women on the NFT map, paving the way for inspiration and room for other female artists to create and cultivate in the metaverse.

“It’s important for women and many diverse voices to be part of creating the future of the internet. Brands will need to invest more in working with new creators because, in the web 3.0 era, community and authenticity are kings,” said Cathy Hackl, Chief Metaverse Officer and CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group, a metaverse consultancy working with brands like Clinique.

“In 2022, it’ll be imperative for brands to partner with endemic and diverse creators across platforms. Marketers will only succeed if they realize that the ad-driven models of the web 2.0 era will possibly not work in the metaverse. Things are about to change!” she added

Authors, Events, Courses & Masterminds 

NFTs are not just for artists. Content creators, including authors, course creators, coaches, and even event producers can tap into the power of NFTs and monetize digital assets.

For example, authors can create a limited edition of books via NFTs and give the reader some value-added bonuses with a secondary market resale value.

“Through platforms such as PowerFan.io, brands can offer special perks exclusive content personalized experience. NFTs could give you access to in-person events or masterminds or groups,” said Jesse Krieger, Chief Content Officer at PowerFan.io.

“You can have almost any offer that exists in a current sense selling a book, selling a course. Selling a mastermind, see and do that via NFT. So you’ve got the blockchain record and that your customers and clients have something that has potential price appreciation built into it.”

Entrepreneur, business strategist, and founder of JVology Jay Fiset started investing in Bitcoin in 2013. As an early adapter, he realized the potential of NFTs and how they impact all businesses.

Today, Fiset is dedicated to educating his entrepreneur community on how to access the power of NFTs to differentiate and stay ahead of the fast-moving technology curve.

educate entrepreneur members on the process of buying and selling NFTs tied to events,  courses, and other forms of exclusive content.

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